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About Us

This is a sanctuary to save the children. Unlike the carbide-induced approach of
fast growth, our organic methods lend time and space to the young one. This develops the senses and allows for self-initiated exploration and movement with enormous opportunities to connect with nature. 
We preserve the innocence and wonder of childhood through security and freedom; allowing children to move, create, and play within a safe and predictable environment and rhythm.

We inspire toddlers to make creative choices that make them whole with enormous nature connect opportunities. 


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Payal Shah

The Originator

A proficient Montessori Trainer and a passionate educator, Payal’s entity speaks of her love for the tiny tots and their learning. Having spent almost two decades with kids under the age of six, Payal has such a strong legacy that very often she bumps into an ex-parent who incessantly and profusely thanks her for a great start to their young one’s career.

She is a perfectionist and leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that the kids get the very best- always.


When not working with or thinking about kids, Payal is found deeply engrossed reading a historical travelogue or dabbling in some artform.

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